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Rainbow Children Home

This Children's home is dedicated to providing the orphaned, poor and marginalized children of Nepal with nutritious food, clean water, quality education and most importantly a loving, secure family and home. It is not only our aim to afford these children the bare essentials, but also to teach them about morality and instill in them a sense of community and respect for their fellow human beings. We will also provide them with a safe play environment where they can have fun, learn and develop the skill of social interaction.

Rainbow Children Home has no official affiliation with any local or foreign organization upon which it can depend for steady financial support. Thus our children's home relies solely upon the generosity of individual sponsors for its income to upkeep the house and support the children's development.

Objectives of Rainbow Children Home:

  • To provide a safe and secure home for orphan and helpless children.
  • To provide nutritious food. We ensure the children receive a balanced diet.ainbow
  • To provide basic health care, hygiene advice and all the essentials they need to stay healthy. We have a health worker to look after them.
  • To provide a safe play area, where the children can have fun and learn and develop the skills of social interaction. The children play on the swings and slide in our garden and we take them to play in the local park. We also take them swimming and rowing on the lake nearby occasionally.
  • To teach the children the ethos of morality and instill in them a sense of community and respect for their fellow human beings.
  • To provide good education to allow each child to reach their academic potential and open up opportunities for their futures.
  • To provide the essentials required to receive an education i.e. stationery, uniforms etc.
  • To provide the quality education. We have recruited a teacher to assist the children for their homework and help them to study well.
  • We work closely with the public; regularly attend local meetings with social agents. These include government organizations, other children homes and orphanages and local families.
  • We welcome Volunteers to come and interact with the children and help with their education. We provide a home stay program which gives volunteers the opportunity to stay in our home.
  • To find more sponsors and funding to enable us to reach our goals.
  • To provide our children with the best available educational opportunities and medical care.
  • To co-ordinate and carry out joint efforts with other government and non-government organizations, well-wishers and donors and also to make appropriate mobilization of resources for the fulfillment of the objectives of the organization.
  • To launch income generating activities to help to cover all expenses of the organization.

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