About Rainbow Children Home

Rainbow Children Home- Nepal is officially registered with the Chief District Office of Kaski, Nepal Regd. No. 2092. Rainbow Children Home- Nepal is a non profitable and charitable social welfare and non governmental organization, working for orphans, disadvantaged, abandoned, helpless, poorest, especially underprivileged needy children.

10 years internal conflict in Nepal has caused a heavy destruction of infrastructure of development. More than 13,000 lives have been taken away which has left thousands of women widow and a million children homeless and orphans, So, with a quest to improve the standard of livelihood in the society, to bring up these helpless and orphan children forward, the Rainbow Children Home- Nepal was established in 2007. RCH- Nepal aims to provide free education, shelter and health care to orphan and helpless children of Nepal. The objective is to equip them with the necessary skills they will require if they are to lead successful and fulfilling lives in the future. Currently RCH providing a stable and loving secure home to 19 children aged 2 to 14 years old.


  • To carry out necessary works for the economic, social, educational and intellectual development of women, children and adolescences in the society, who are poor, helpless and forced to live in hardships.
  • To provide education and health care services facilities to poor, orphaned and destitute children and adolescences.
  • To provide food, shelter, stationery, and uniforms to children and adolescences of the economically deprived section and also to grant scholarships for studies to poor and bona-fide children and adolescences.
  • To launch income generating activities for the economic uprising of women, children and adolescences, who are underprivileged, oppressed, homeless and prey to domestic violence and to rehabilitate them by providing employment opportunities.
  • To co ordinate and carry out joint efforts with other government and non-government organizations, well-wishers and donors and also to make appropriate mobilization of resources for the fulfillment of the objectives of the institution.
  • To build a village equipped with a children home, a healthcare centre, a nursing home, a handicapped training centre and a rehabilitation centre or adolescence.


Short-term Goals:

  • Sponsorship and Donations - It is of the utmost importance that we obtain a steady source of income through donations, sponsorship and fundraising projects to secure the future of Rainbow Children Home - Nepal and hence the future of our children. We need such funding to provide these children with the most fundamental of life's requirements food, shelter, clothing, an education, stationary, uniforms and a safe, secure home.

  • Counseling Service - In Nepal, there are virtually no avenues through which people can access mental healthcare. It is our goal to provide a counseling service for our children they have been the victims some of the most adverse conditions imaginable and have obviously mentally suffered as a result. We place this goal as a priority because the mental health of our children is equally as important to us as their physical health.

Long-term Goals:

  • Further Education Fund - Our children are currently still young, with the oldest aged only thirteen. It is our hope that when they each complete Public School that we would have established a Fund to provide for vocational training or university fees.

  • Building It is our goal to eventually own our building outright. This will ensure that the children will always have a house and home without the worry of eviction.

  • Scholarship Program and Sponsorship for Disabled Children Although many children still have loving families, poverty affects 40% of the population. Consequently even the most well intentioned families may not be able to provide their children with an education of adequate health care for disabled children. Since we do not want to unnecessarily separate these families, we would like to be able to sponsor these children to go to school and receive health care while still living at home.

  • Expanding It is of course our ultimate goal to expand so that we will be able to take in more orphaned, poor and marginalized children, and help as many young lives as possible.


Since opening in March 2007, the Rainbow Children Home- Nepal has been working steadily towards the mental and physical rehabilitation of our wonderful children. We are happy that all of the children now attend the National Inventive English Boarding School or public school, most for the first time in their lives. They are making remarkable academic progress, with some of the children who have never attended school before.

The employment of a full time teacher has not only assisted the children in adjusting to school life, it has also helped with their interaction between each other and other people. Our teacher is responsible for the discipline of the children, as well as teaching them new games and basic life skills such as gardening and cleaning. Having come from such adverse, and often isolated backgrounds, many of the children upon arrival at Rainbow Children Home were unaccustomed to being exposed to unknown people and did not know how to behave in an appropriate way. The children now love meeting new people and welcome them with open arm, often insisting that they join in with their latest game. They have also been taught about personal hygiene which has improved both their appearance and their general health.

The extraordinary progress of these children demonstrates the natural capability and intelligence that they possess, and which can be fostered if given the opportunity.

Current Projects

Apart from working towards the development of the children who are already in our care at Rainbow Children Home- Nepal, which is our main aim, we are also currently undertaking a project to work towards the welfare of child servants in the Pohkara region. Child servitude is an extremely common practice in Nepal, and in some cases the children are treated more like sons and daughters, rather than servant. Sadly however this is not the typical practice, and so the Director of the Rainbow Children Home has approached people who own child servants and has been campaigning for better treatment and conditions for these children. She has requested that all families allow these children to attend school for at least a few hours everyday, and if cost is a problem, to send them to Raibow Children Home for only 2 hours everyday where our house teacher will provide them with a basic education.

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