1. What kind of volunteer opportunities are available at Rainbow Children Home?

    There are many ways you can help RCH and we are open to all kinds of volunteers. We are always looking for people to play with the children, teach English, help with homework, and work in the office. We welcome all your ideas!

  2. Do I have to be from a specific country to volunteer?

    No. We accept volunteers from all countries.

  3. What age do I have to be to volunteer?

    Individual volunteers must be at least 18 years old. However we accept groups or families with children under 18.

  4. Do I have to speak English to volunteer?

    We highly recommend that you speak English or Nepali.

  5. Do you provide any financial support?

    We unfortunately are not in a position to offer any financial support.

  6. What immunizations/vaccinations will I need?

    This depends greatly on which country you are coming from. Please consult your doctor for the latest information regarding immunizations and vaccinations.

  7. Is it safe to volunteer in Nepal?

    Generally Nepal is a peaceful country and we go to great lengths to ensure your safety.

  8. What is the climate like in Pokhara and what kind of clothes should I bring?

    Pokhara is relatively temperate compared to other places in the country. Spring and fall are very pleasant with warm days and chilly nights. Summer is the monsoon season and it rains a lot. Winter can be cold but with clear skies. It is best to pack a variety of clothes with multiple layers. Rain gear is recommended for the monsoon season.

  9. What kind of activities are available around Pokhara?

    Pokhara is an ideal setting for many different activities. Trekking, rafting, boating, paragliding, yoga and meditation, and cultural sightseeing are all within close proximity. Pokhara is famous for its peaceful lake setting and stunning mountain views.

  10. How can I be in contact with previous volunteers?

    Some volunteer's e-mails are on our website and you are welcome to contact us for a more extensive list.

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