Name : Abhyan Tamang

DOB : August 3rd 2007

Date admitted: 2015

Sex : Male

Address: Sedi Bagar Sarangkot 7 Kaski

background :

Abhyan is 8 years old and currently studying in class 2 in same school where our children go, Shree Tal Barahi Higher Secondary School. He has a big brother and a big step sister. His brother also goes to same school and studying in grade 6. Their mother, Laxmi Tamang who became a beggar, had left home several years ago and died two years ago. Their father is a Mason and step mother too. Their daily income is very low. They are staying in wages in a small room which is near to the paragliding spot of Pokhara, called Sedi Bagar. They are not able to afford their children to go school neither they are able to pay exam fees, buy notebooks and pencils. So we have decided to support small brother, Abhyan Tamang for his school fees, free notebooks and pencils.

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