Name : Manipa Niraula

DOB : 2nd November 2001

Date admitted: 2010

Sex : Female

Address: Itahara 7 Morang

Grade: UKG

School:National Inventive Higher Secondary Boarding School

background :

Manipa joined Rainbow Children Home in December, 2011. Her father went with new women and left Manipa and her mother alone. Their house is in very remote area. Her father brought them to Pokhara for giving them a happy life, but when her father went with other women, Manipa and her mother got problem. They both are being abandoned. They heard about Rainbow Children Home and Rainbow Handicraft Project and they came to Rainbow Children home. They visit President Goma and asking a job in our handicraft project and requesting to put Manipa in RCH home. Then we decide to teach Manipa’s mother for weaving handicraft. She was able to learn very fast so we decide to give her a job and put her daughter in RCH home. Now Manipa also admitted in the school. She is happy with staying in Rainbow home and made many friends. Now her mother also became happy to get a job in handicraft project.

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