Name : Pooja Gurung

DOB : 7th June 2002

Date admitted: 2010

Sex : Female

Address: Bhadaure Tamagi 7 Kaski

background :

Pooja was brought to Rainbow Children Home in April 2011. In Pooja’s home there were 5 family members.Grandparents, parents and Pooja. One year back there a big thundering and lighting in their home. At the same time Pooja’s father was spot died and mother became handicapped due that lighting. The poor and helpless grandparents could not give Pooja the essentials requirements like schooling, food, clothes and other things because of lack of money. There is no one else to earn livelihood for them. Only the Pooja’s father was earning a daily bread for them. Now the grandparents and Pooja was under care of the villagers. So the Villagers requested us to put in Rainbow Children Home many times. So, now we decided to put Pooja in our children home.

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