Name : Sanju Pariwar

DOB : 26th Apr. 1996

Sex : Female


Sanju came to RCH in September 2007 through horrendous circumstances. Sanju's mother has been married twice, her biological father was her mother's first husband, however he was an abusive alcoholic. He left both mother and child, fleeing with another married woman from their village. Enraged, the husband of the married woman burnt down Sanju's house, so she and her mother moved to Pohkara. They had nothing left and so lived in poverty for one year until Sanju's mother remarried. This second marriage lasted only 3 years, after which time he abandoned his own 2 year old daughter, Sanju and his 8 month pregnant wife disappearing to India with another woman. Sanju's family was left with nothing. Not enough food to eat or clean drinking water, living in a single cement room with no toilet or cooking facilities. The mother, 8 months pregnant, was forced to work carrying large, heavy loads of vegetables to sell for a farmer. Due to this strenuous physical work and lack of adequate food, Sanju's mother suffered complications with her pregnancy and had to take medication which they could not afford. Sanju's grandmother, who suffers from dementia, then came to live with the family and being unable to work was just one more person to support with the mother's scarse earnings. Indeed it was too good to be true when a charming Nepali woman offered to take Sanju and her cousin to an orphanage and provide them with an education and nutritious food while giving money to support the rest of the family. Thus, Sanju and her cousin became two more innocent victims along with 300 other young girls trafficked to Jomsom to be used as child servants or prostitutes. Here in Jomsom, as fortunate as is possible in such terrible circumstances, Sanju and her cousin were sold on a 5 year contract as servants rather than prostitutes. Sold to separate private households the girls were separated and forced to clean large heavy kitchen utensils and collect mud and animal excrement to burn as fuel. Sanju was beaten if she didn't clean the plates well enough or if she didn't collect enough fuel. She was given food to eat only if there were left overs from the family's meal, and so often had to go without. She became so hungry and malnourished that when out in the forest collecting animal dung she would scavenge for seeds and wild berries. After Sanju's aunt realised her own daughter had been taken by a woman of whom she had no knowledge and after realising the reality of the situation, she contacted the Director of RCH and asked for help. Goma contacted the local authorities who questioned the woman, notorious for trafficking young girls to Jomsom, consequently issuing her with a warrant demanding that both girls be returned within 10 days. After 20 days and a strenuous and dangerous trek, during which Sanju was savagely beaten by the woman, she was finally brought home. Sanju was taken in by RCH, although it was not financially possible to also house her cousin, who has been placed in another orphanage nearby. Sanju, who was a 13 years old, had never before attended school, she has now enrolled in a privet school in Class 3. She is being worked with intensively to try to make this integration into school life as smooth and fun as possible. She has already proven herself to be a willing and an extremely bright student.

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