Name : Saraswati Pokherel

DOB : 6th Feb, 1996

Sex : Female


Saraswati and her brother Kamal are from a desperately poor village background. Their father was an alcoholic who unfortunately died of cancer and left the family with virtually nothing. The family lived in a one room makeshift hut and cooked on an open fire in the fields. Saraswati and Kamal spent their days begging on the streets and were brought to Rainbow in March, 2007. Kamal still lives with our family and Saraswati, who was twelve years old when she came to us, lived happily at Rainbow for a couple of years. Saraswati developed domestic talents when at Rainbow and preferred cooking and helping around the house to her school studies. She chose to go home and is now living back in her village and looking after her mother. Rainbow supported her decision and provides Saraswati with financial assistance, a continued education and clothes. Saraswati loves to visit Kamal and our family at Rainbow and we also make trips to the village to see Saraswati and her mother their village. We hope to be able to provide support to help more children like Saraswati in the future.

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