Name : Sujana Adhikari

DOB : 2057-5-20

Sex : Female

Siblings : one brother

Address : Malepatan-5, Pokhara, Kaski

Background :

Sujana came to Rainbow in March 2009 as our first non-resident child. Her father was declared bankrupt and is currently in hiding to avoid arrest and legal action. No one knows his whereabouts and he left his family with no home, land or income. Sujana's mother is unfortunately too sick to work and both she and Sujana live in Pokhara with Sujana's grandparents from her father's side of the family. She is walked to Rainbow every morning by her loving grandfather and is provided with an education and a balanced diet. Her grandfather collects her every evening after dal bhat. Sujana is a very sweet girl who is very well behaved, polite and helpful around the house. She made friends very quickly at Rainbow with all the children in our family, although she is very shy with adults. We hope that her continued interaction with our visiting volunteers will help her increase her confidence and overcome her shyness. Like her brother who is attending a good school on a scholarship, Sujana is a very bright student and her understanding of English is exceptional. We hope to welcome more non-resident children like Sujana to Rainbow in the future and provide them with similar opportunities.

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