Name: Ambika Ranabhat

DOB : 2nd September, 2003

Address: Bhirkot 7 Tanahaun

Grade: 7

Sex : Female

School: Shree Tal Barahi Higher Secondary School

Background :

Ambika is an introvert girl who never talks with unknown people even at home she never talks a lot. When someone tries and start talking with Ambika then she just smile and listening to them. She only speaks to other when it is necessary. Which also increase a problem to understand her well and to know what is running through her mind?

She is 13 years old and studies at grade seven. Her favorite subjects are Nepali, Social, Science and Math. She obtains noticeable marks in Nepali and she finds computer as a hard subject. She has an aim to be a good accountant.

Though she is introvert, she is helpful, whenever she is free from her study she helps with other work like cleaning and cooking. As soon as she finished these work, she start to study test book. She said she enjoys playing volleyball.

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