Name : Amisha Giri

DOB : 15th May, 2001

Date admitted: 2014

Address: Hemja Kaski

Sex : Female

Grade: 11

School: Shree Tal Barahi Higher Secondary School

Background :

Amisha is a calm and sweet girl. She has a loving behavior for all diminutive brother and sisters. She came to an age of 15 years and studies in class 11. She is very well in her studies and always obtaining good marks. Her favorite subjects are English and Account but she fell a bit difficulties in science and economic. She always tries to do her best in any challenges either academic or additional.

She is realistic with her future and quite convenient with her educational marks obtained will help for her better upcoming. She always wanted to study management subject when she passed secondary educational examination.

Amisha is a friendly girl and like to make new friends and create good communication. With her nature, she is always loved by everyone at home and in her friend circle. She preserves an understanding nature and her responding to people with calm and mature behavior, which is the best part of her. We always find her involved to dancing, singing and reading a noble when she is free.

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