Name : Amrit BK

DOB : 19th October 2010

Date admitted: 2013

Address:Uttarkanya 6 Lamjung

Sex : Male

Grade: LKG

School: BUDS Academy

background :

Amrit joined with us in September, 2013. Amrit is 3 years old and his brother Sujan B.K. is 5 years old. They both has disease by birth, and the due to the disease their skin is very white, they both can not see the in the day sun light. Amrit can not see and can not open his eyes in the sun light area. His one eye also smaller then the other. Their father was missing since long back, no body knows where he has gone. It is about 5 years there is no any contact with anybody. Their mother was sick, she can not taking care of her children, so brought to Rainbow Children home for receiving support. Their situation is so critical and we decided to support them. So now we are sending both the brothers to the school. Small one can not go to the school alone because he can not see in the day light. We need sponsor for this two brothers. They need really help and supporting due to their disease.

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