Name : Anita Ranabhat

DOB : 27th February 2007

Date admitted: 2010

Address:Bhirkot 7 Tanahaun

Sex : Female

Grade: 2

School:BUDS Academy


Anita, aged 8 years brought to Rainbow Children Home by her neighbour in mid May, 2011. Anita's father had infected HIV/AIDS and died three years ago and her mother also infected with HIV/AIDS and admitted in the hospital since long back. Now her mother has critical situation. Her mother's health condition is very bad day by day, but lucky Anita do not infected with HIV. Anita was taking cared by her neighbours and who have lots of children, so the neighbor was searching a place to keep her, when he heard about Rainbow Children home, he came to us directly and requested us to put Anita in Rainbow Children Home. After visiting Anita and her neighbor, considering her critical situation we put Anita in Rainbow Children Home. Anita’s home also in a remote place, called Virkot V.D.C. and there is no one else to look after her. Now she is receiving school education and has more friends in Rainbow Children home and she is happy to be here.

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