Name : Anjali Pariyar

DOB : 30th April, 2006

Sex : Female

Background :

We recieved Anjali from her paralyzed and recently widowed father on January 2008. He has been paralyzed in one leg since 2006 and unable to work. His wife had suffered from cancer since years and just two months after giving birth to her first child, Anjali was hospitalized until her death six months later. Her father was unable to look after Anjali alone. The only relative wiling to care for her was both poor and young. She would leave Anjali on her own for long periods of time while she attended school and tried to continue with her daily tasks.

Although she has been with us for a month now, Anjali is still adjusting to her new life. She misses her parents. Soon after arriving, she adopted Goma and one of our house mothers, (who sleeps with her) as her new "mama", to whom she is very close. Anjali spends a lot of time with our other two-year-old, Bibek, and the two have become like siblings. However, she does not yet feel comfortable in the company of the other children and is still very dependent upon her new "mamas".

Anjali already showing signs of being a talented dancer. After lessons with Goma, she enjoys prancing around in front of everyone when the music is on! She is very delicate and graceful, and dances with great enjoyment. We hope that she will become more independent and begin to integrate with the other children in time.

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