Name : Asha Thapa

DOB : 28th Dec, 1999

Sex : Female

background :

Asma and her brother Raju are two incredible children from a family of six children, they have another four sisters. Their mother died a number of years ago, leaving them with an incapacitated alcoholic father. There was no one to care for the six young children at their house, so their grandparents took them in but with only a small income they were unable to provide adequate food for such a large family. So in March, Asma and Raju were brought to RCH.

The separation from their brother and sisters has been hard on these two children. Their father has called RCH when he was drunk wanting to talk to them. Even though they refused to talk to him, his contact unsettles them and for some time afterwards they cry uncontrollably as they are reminded of their siblings situation.

It is RCH's goal to bring the rest of the Thapa children to the home as soon as they are financially able to support them.

Asma is a talkative, charming and friendly young girl. She is a very hard worker both at school. Around the house, she has become known to us as the 'second house mother', always eager to help with the cleaning and cooking.

Although it sometimes takes a little encouragement, she is a beautifully graceful dancer.

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