Name : Asha Pariyar

DOB : 28th September, 2006

Address: Palpa

Sex : Female

Grade: 4

School: Shree Tal Barahi Higher Secondary School

background :

Asha is an honest and open girl with whom we are habituated to her smiling face. She is bit slothful to do her own jobs like cleaning her clothes and study. She is learning at class four now. Although with her quick catchy mind study level is good and she enjoys to study math and science but seems of having some challenging with language subject which she told that she don't like but she always enjoy to study and practices more for her better result. She enjoys playing with small children at home. By way of her act she has an aim of being a good school teacher for little children's which she is very clear about. Even with her so young mind told that “when she became a teacher she will teach for children's who is not able to study for some kind of reasons like financial problems and many more. She has an interest on dancing, singing and reading a story book, we have even found her singing while walking at home everywhere and she said,"I like storybook called The lion king."

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