Name : Ashmita Khanal

Date of Birth : 9th July, 2000

Sex: Female

background :

The Khanal's story is heartbreaking and Ahshis and his two siblings situation was the final deciding factor behind opening RCH.
Four years ago, their father was cutting grass from a cliff-face to feed the animals when he fell breaking his back. He was left in a critical condition, subsequently requiring intensive medical treatment.
To cover the huge medical expenses the family sold everything they owned, their house, their land and their animals. They had nothing left, often not even enough to eat, all they had was the hope that their father would survive. Tragically after a traumatic nine month battle, their father died.
The stress and strain of the whole ordeal eventually took its toll on their mother, she developed a severe mental illness and was no longer capable of caring for her children. She often disappeared for days at a time, wandering away and sleeping in fields, sometimes not wearing any clothing.

Fortunately, the new owner of their house allowed the Khanal family to stay until he needed to move in, so at least they had shelter. They did not however have any food, so relied upon begging for the leftover scraps from neighbors. Living in such an environment fostered an “every man for himself” mentality in the children. They became wild and would fight viscously over what little food they managed to scavenge. They living in squalor like animals. So unaccustomed to normal life were they that that when the Director of RCH first went to investigate the children's situation, Asmita and her siblings were so afraid that they ran away and threw stones at her.

The change in Asmita since she has been living at RCH has been incredible, she is virtually unrecognizable both physically and mentally. She certainly is the biggest and loudest personality in the house!

Although she does not grasp idea's and concepts very easily, she has shown her natural talent when it comes to dancing and entertaining. There are still some traces of her hardship present in her behaviour, she has never properly learned how to deal with anger. When she becomes angry she completely shuts down and will not, or cannot, function. br>
Asmita, like her brothers, eats large amounts of food when she can because she is not yet used to the idea that food will now always be available to her.

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