Name : Atit Giri

DOB : 24th August 2006

Date admitted: 2014

Address:Hemja Kaski

Sex : Male

Grade: 3

School: Shree Tal Barahi Higher Secondary School

background :

Amisha and Giri brother sister came to RCH on 22nd of April, 2014. One of the members of a social organization brought them at Rainbow Children Home Nepal Giri (13 years), Amish Giri (9 years ) and Atit Giri (7 years) old children are brothers and sister. 4 years ago, they were living with their parents in the slum area near by the river. When their father left his family and children they became in critical situation because their father was the man who bring bread at home. Their father was only a man who can earn money for their family. Their mother was chronic illness of their respiratory disease. After missing their father they went to daily wage work for earning bread for the children. But their mother cannot work regularly due to her chronic disease, and the children cannot go to school, and cannot have enough food. One of the member of the social organization has seen this children life and came to me to taking about them. When I heard about their sad story I request him to bring the children at RCH. Now the children are at RCH and very happy to being here with us. I have admitted them in the school and now going to school with other children.

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