Name : Bhumika Chaulani

DOB : 5th November 1999

Sex : Female

background :

Bhumika came to Rainbow Children Home in April, 2010. She is from very remote place called Jagarkot. She has two more sisters one of which is aged 16, who is working in a hotel as a house servant. Bhumika also stayed with her before coming to Rainbow Children Home. Bhumika wanted to study but her sister's income could not admit her to the school because of her very low income. Her sister wanted her to work in the same hotel as a house servant, but the hotel owner did not accept her because of her small age. Hotel owner do not want to keep both sisters together because Bhumika was disturbing her in work. So, the hotel owner wanted to make them separate. Bhumika’s sister was also worried about this situation and worried about Bhumika’s future. One day the hotel owner heard about us and made a call. We bring the both sisters in Rainbow Children Home and talking with them about their life. After talking with them, we found that Bhumika has keen interest in study and her study does not want to work in a hotel as a house servant. We told them to stay in Rainbow Children Home, but Bhumika’s sister does not want to stay in RCH. She want to work in some places but not in a hotel. And she request to us to put Bhumika here with us and give an opportunity to study. So, according to their interest RCH arranged Bhumika sister a job in a rehabilitation center, where she can learn new things and work. And Bhumika is now with us, we took admission in a school. Now both are so happy. She has more friends in RCH. She is so straight and honest girl.

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