Name : Bibek Pariyar

DOB : 10th April, 2005

Sex : Male


On October 2007 around at 8 pm Goma Dhakal ,the president of the Rainbow Children Home,  got a phone call from a close well wisher at Khahare, Lakeside. Someone needed her help.
After about 20 minutes when she arrived there, she found Buddhi and his two and half year old brother covert with mud and dirt next to their unconscious mother. After questioning the spectators and Bibek's older brother Buddhi, it was found that Buddhi and his brother came from a working class family. His father and mother used to work on building sites mixing sand and cement.- Buddhimaya fell pregnant with their 3rd child. Heavily pregnant and still working hard her alcoholic husband started beating her up. He also found himself a new woman whom he married and moved away.
Due to the physical abuse the pregnancy ended in a still birth.
His mother then started begging in the streets, showing her two young sons and asking for money. The money she got from begging was used to buy alcohol every day. It was also found that his mother had fallen unconscious a couple of times before. Some kind people had given her money for her boys, but like always she spent it on alcohol. It was a heartbreaking sight seeing Buddhi and his brother next to their unconscious mother.
The Rainbow Children home family decided to take Bibek and his brother Buddhi to the Rainbow Children Home, but needed to convince his mother of letting her children go first.  They explained to her the positive, future consequences of Bibek and Buddhi going to school, getting regular food and growing up in a safe place with 14 other children. Firstly she decided to give just Buddhi to the children home but when we told her that she can't ruin the future of their child by asking them to beg and she cant eat alcohol with what is given to her children  and it is against the law ,she finally handed over Bibek too.
Bibek is the small prince of Rainbow. All the kids want to play with him .Before he used to have just Buddhi to take his care so still Bibek is attached only to his brother. Still he has already learned to call 'dai' and 'didi' to the other children. Nowadays whenever Bibek needs a nap he goes to Goma's lap to sleep.

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