Name : Bikash B.K.

DOB : 13th June, 2003

Sex : Male

background :

Bikash came to Rainbow Children Home on Sunday 19th of April 2009 with his grandparents after walking for 15 days from their home in Rukum, a remote mountainous area. Goma had already received a request to have Bikash seven months ago from his grandfather. One and a half years before, Bikash's father, a donkey porter, had died following an accident when he was kicked by a donkey and fell off the mountain. Bikash's mother found it hard to cope with four small children and so the grandparents looked after Bikash and his brother. The grandparents also worked as donkey porters and found if hard to bring up their two grand children so they asked Goma if she would take these two children. Unfortunately, there was only room in Rainbow Children Home for one child and Bikash was taken as he has a physical deformity following a fall from a balcony when he was younger. There was no money available for medical treatment and no access to a doctor so his injuries were left untreated. Goma intends to seek medical help about this problem. It is early days for Bikash in RCH. He has had to cope with leaving his grandparents, his home, his siblings, mixing with new children, starting a new school and listening to Nepali spoken with different dialect. His first few days have been traumatic but we hope he will settle in as time progresses.

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