Name : Binita Lamichhane

DOB : 3rd February 2002

Sex : Female

background :

Binita joined Rainbow home in April 2010 and she was 6 years old when she came here. When her mother was pregnant she was deprived of good nutrition so she suffered from malnutrition. At that time her husband left them. Binita’s mother is generally very sick. They had nothing to feed and nowhere to stay. They had been staying at the neighbor’s home. Since Binita’s mother couldn’t work and couldn’t feed her, the women’s group of that place requested us to take the child. About 5 years ago, there was erosion in pokhara. At that time the land and house Binita’s grandparents was destroyed. The grandparents go to other’s house to work and stay as there not even the grandparents can take care of the child. So, now she is here with us, now she is going to school and have many friends in Rainbow Children Home.

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