Name : Deepak B.K.

DOB : February 16th 1998

Year Admitted: 2007

Sex : Male

Address :Goredada, Tanahun, Gandaki

Background :

Deepak comes from a village named Goredada where his grandfather and grandmother live . He was born on February 16th 1998 and was one of the first kids to join the RCH family in 2007. He has always been taking good care of her sister Manisha, who entered in the house in 2011, and his little brother Laxchin.

Since his arrival, he has demonstrated he wants to seize the opportunity achieving excellent results at school and showing a kind and helpful attitude in the house. He is interested in old and modern films, reading, music and computers. He learned himself how to manage office and design software during his free time and now he is transferring his knowledge and skills to help in office tasks at RCH, RHN and the trekking office.

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