Name: Kamal Khanal

Date of Birth : 16 May 1997

Sex: Male

Date admitted: 2007

Address: Mohandanda Syangha

Grade: 10+1

High School: Tal Barahi Higher Secondary School

Background :

Kamal is the oldest boy of RCH. Having completed the school in 2012, he is now doing semi paid training in chemical dying at Rainbow Handicraft. His mother and grandmother are living in a village named Mohandada which is located in Syanjha district.

At high school he is currently studying under management faculty. He has his college during the mornings. Since he is studying management and book keeping is essential part of the management stream, he would like to get involved with bookkeeping at the trekking office. His hobby is to play the football and is a diehard fan of European Soccer Leagues. The mornings after the matchdays we can find him checking the sports section of the newspapers. He looks after a little brother named Sandesh Dhakal. He is not just responsible for taking care but help in development and mentor for Sandesh.

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