Name: Kamal Pokherel

Date of Birth :3rd September 1999

Date admitted: 2007

Address: Gandaki, Kaski, Nirmalpokhari , Phoksing , Pokheral thok

Grade: 8

School: National Inventive Boarding School


His mother and sister live in a village Nirmalpokhari, phokshing, pokhrelthok in kaski district.

Kamal is one of the most responsible and active children in RCHN. Whether its woodwork or electronic gadgets or circuits, he is a keen enthusiastic. At Rainbow , he is the one who prepares the music systems and looks after them. He helps around with his skillful hands at fixing woodworks. If there is any construction or repairing going on around the house ,we can find him closely examining the works done by professional in a keen manner. A few of his duties include running the generator, water machines, or any things related to lights. His room has his own semi toolkit with a few screw drivers, pliers, magnets, lights, circuits boards, batteries and so on .In addition to these duties assigned that he enjoys doing he also looks after a little boy (brother) Sagar Gautam. He closely keeps track at the development of Sagar Gautam by being his mentor.

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