Name : Laxchin BK

DOB : 31ST MAY 2007

Sex : Male

background :

Lakchin is Bikash's youngest brother. But Lakchin came very late to our home. When RCH brought Bikash, from that date his poor grandfather requested many times to put his youngest grandchild Lakchin with his brother Bikash. After receiving many phone calls from their grandfather, finally we decided to take Lakchin in. Unfortunately, we could not possibly go to collect Lakchin ourselves, so we contacted his grandfather who then agreed to bring him. His grandfather and another villager brought Lackchin to RCH in mid-July 2009. His first days were much like Bikash's early days inside our home, but now he is going to school for study and happily staying with his brother Bikash and other friends.

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