Name : Manisha BK

DOB : 2nd November 2001

Date admitted: 2007

Sex : Female

Address: Gandaki, Bhirkot 1 Tanahaun

Grade: 7

School:Shree Tal Barahi Higher Secondary School

background :

Manisha came to Rainbow Children Home on April 2011. Manisha’s brother Deepak B.K. is already with us since the establishment of this children home. When their father died in an accident and their mother remarried and took Manisha also with her. Manisha’s mother went with a new husband to the other village. The new husband also poor man, no one knows where they went. After 7 years, Manisha came to know that her mother did remarried with the other man and her father was died in an accident and Manisha came with a villagers to her burn place, where she meet with her grandfather who is not able to see and cannot hear. But in her grandparents’ home, Manisha got more difficulties, because her grandparents cannot send her to school and cannot give good food. So the villagers again took Manisha to her mother’s home. Where the new father has a new born baby. So, her mother and new husband wanted her in their home for taking care of the new born baby. When we went to visit to Deepak’s home last year, at that time we came to know all about this situation of Deepak’s sister (Manisha). After hearing this things, Deepak requested us for bring them in Rainbow Children Home. At that time we did not have resources to bring her and we did not know the place where she was. After one year, we got information about Manisha, mother and new father. They were working in a big Orange farm in a remote village and Manish looking after the child. Deepak also with us, when Deepak show his mother after 9 years, his mother could not recognized Deepak and Deepak also not able to recognized his mother. Also Deepak and his sister could not recognize each other. After a long conversation, Deepak’s mother start crying and both the daughter and son also crying and became so happy. Deepak mother became so happy to see Deepak that he is in good place and got opportunity to study. Also his mother so happy to know that we came to bring her next child (Manisha). Now both the sister and brother are in Rainbow Children Home Nepal.

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