Name : Niruta BK

DOB : 29TH JUNE 2005

Sex : Female


Niruta came to RCH in November 2009. Since back there were many requests to keep one girl in our home from Nituta's neighbour. Niruta is a very poor girl, her father was injured during the war and lost his one leg, even he was not a fighter but a simple ordinary man, who earned livelihood for his family, and her mother always became sick due to lack of nutritious food and over work. She can not work everyday because of her illness. There are 2 more sisters, one is adopted by one villager and the other is staying with them. The small one is aged 1 and half years so she is with her mother, the villagers give them some food to eat, likewise they are living. So, the villager came and requests us to rescue one child. So we brought Niruta, who is 4 and half years old. She looks very nice and friendly.

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