Name : Pawan KC

DOB : 14th April 2002

Date admitted: 2015


Sex : Male

Grade: 1

School: BUDS Academy

background :

Pawan and Hridaya brother and sister joined RCH in February 2015. Brother Pawan K.C. 8 years old and his sister Hridaya K.C. 6 years old were brought to RCH by their neighbor. They belongs to the same village where Tulasha and Kalpana came from. Pawan family has 4 siblings, 3 sisters and 1 boy (Pawan). Two more sisters Bipana11 years of old and Karishma 13 years of old are also here with us. Their father is working in our project (Indrani farm project), and her sick mother also helping in the same farm. Their parents are working in our farm and their son and daughters are staying in our children home. Very soon all the 4 children will go to school. And we are searching sponsors for these 4 children.

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