Name : Rabina Rana Magar

DOB : 8th June, 2002

Address: Syangja, Chinnyabas-7

Sex : Female

Background :

Rabina is a hardworking and responsible girl. Who study hard to achieve her ambitions of being a school teacher for kids, who are unable to study for several reasons, and she was inspired by living with the same problem on her own life. When she was rescued by Goma for certain period she is very poor at her studies but with all the hardship she is now in class eight and enjoys to study, her favorite subjects are English and math. She finds a bit difficulty more in Nepali and science.

She is so friendly and always enjoys making new friends, if anyone fresh at home then rabina is one who fill the gaps and never let a person feel alone. She knew well how to keep all the relations in a good and healthy.

She is very active and use to like outdoor sports then indoors and good with football. She loves to read she even reads newspaper and love jokes.

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