Name : Rashmi Shahi

DOB : 13th October 1999

Sex : Female

background :

Rashmi was brought to RCH by her relatives. Her home is in Rukum district, a remote place. Her father and mother are both very poor farmers. Rashmi has one more sister at home and a brother, who is totally blind. He lost his vision as a child. He is 5 years old now and her sister is 6. Rashmi's brother lost his eye so he could not go to school but Rashmi and her sister went to a government school. About 3 years ago she complained to her parents that she had a terrible pain in her chest. Her parents took her to the free local health post near their village and the health worker suggested that they took her to see a doctor in the city. He referred her to a cardiologist in Kathmandu who diagnosed a hole in the heart. Rashmi's parents were forced to sell their home & their land to pay for the medical fees. Finally, they went to Gangalal Heart Centre for free heart surgery. The operation was successful but by now the parents had no money and no land to farm so they came to Pokhara to seek manual work. Eventually, they went back to their village and to seek work in the fields. They were extremely poor, as they had no regular income, no home and no land. They lived a hand to mouth existence, working in the fields when they could & renting single rooms when they could find one. After her heart operation Rashmi lived with her aunt who ran a small tea shop and Rashmi was forced to wash all the plates, dishes, glasses and family clothes. She was there as a house hold worker. One day a male friend of Goma's had tea at that tea shop and noticed Rashmi. He asked the aunt about her and learned all about her life. He was very concerned about Rashmi and referred her to Goma. Goma visited Rashmi's aunt and made arrangements with the parents and with Village Development Committee (VDC) members to bring Rashmi to Rainbow Children Home Nepal. The whole process took six months and Rashmi arrived in April 2009. She has settled in well, made friends with other children, and is happy not to be working in the tea shop. Her health is good and she recently took part in a two day and one night trek. She has just started at a private school near by and set off on her first day looking very smart in her new school uniform.

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