Name : Sabina Adhikari

DOB : 25th Dec, 2000

Sex : Female

background :

Sabina was brought to Rainbow Children Home in August. After the birth of Sabina, her mother became ill of ashma. She couldn't work anymore and had to stay at home. After her mother became ill, Sabina's father remarried and left Sabina and her mother with her two other brother and sister. Her other two older brother and an older siter don't stay at home. They work for other people in other villages. While the people of the village informed us about Sabina, they were lokking after Sabina until we brought her to Rainbow.

The first two weeks for Sabina became hard to adjust. But after just two weeks there was a remarkable change in her. She attends school and does daily household works in the kitchen. It seems she has been a part of Rainbow children home-Nepal for years.

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