Name : Sagar Gautam

DOB : 30th January 2005

Sex : Male

backgroud :

For the past two years Sagar has been homeless and without a guardian. His family have disowned him. When he came to us he had nothing. He hobbled in a pair of borrowed shoes, threadbare and several sizes too big. He didn't even have a name.

Sagar was conceived out of wedlock and to a father other than the man his mother was to marry three months later. His birth marked the end of his mother's marriage. She escaped with Sagar to the remote settlement of Thodi, near the Indian border. There she began a relationship with another man who eventually offered her marriage on condition that she abandoned Sagar. She took Sagar back to his birthplace in Kalyanpur, where she arranged for his grandparents to take care of him whilst she returned to Debendrapur to live with her new husband.

Sagar's grandparents disowned him. He was left to wander the neighborhood, scavenging for food and eating whatever was given to him. He slept in the fields and by rivers, often wandering through the National Park and even sleeping there, where he was at risk from the wild animals. When he tried to return to his grandparent's home, his grandfather would beat him. None of his other relatives would take him in. He would walk for three hours to visit his mother in Debendrapur, but each time he would be thrown out by his stepfather.

We rescued Sagar on 28th January 2008. He had been destitute for two years. We didn't have space for him but the seriousness of his case forced us to take him on instead of the child we were aiming to rescue from that area. We were particularly concerned about his wanderings alone, often involving crossing rivers, which would become treacherous in the monsoon season.

It is difficult to imagine what he has been through when you encounter his gentle character, always thankful and eager to please. Although he is one of the youngest in the home, his easygoing nature and the self-assured confidence he has developed gives him a maturity equal to his piers. He gets on well with the other children and is similarly happy in his own company, taking to everything with enthusiasm and delight. He is quick to learn and grasp new concepts, and although we have not yet admitted him to school we are confident that he will do well. Sagar is a remarkable boy and he is a real asset to our home.

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