Sanju Nepali

Dob: 21ST JUNE 1997

Date Admitted: 2007


Grade: 8

School: Tal Barahi Higher Secondary School

Sanju is one of the eldest girl of Rch. Sanju is very hard working girl. She has a very melodic voice as well as is a very good dancer. Though she only got the opportunity late but she has been keeping wonderful performance academically. She is also involved with the Rainbow Handicraft, she helps the women working in the handicraft and already is one of the best weavers at Rainbow Handicraft eventhough she is involved with the training and its implementation during fixed hours on her holidays and spare time. She also takes care of little sisters, Niruta and Samjhana . They are very happy to get Sanju as their helping sister.

Sanju would like to be a professional trainer for Nepali handicrafts. Her skills at weaving are noteworthy. She was also part of the girls group of RCH who have taken part and completed two phases of embroidery training, the final of which will be given on next school vacations. She is very keen at learning sewing and draft cutting but she’s still at school and we cannot allow her to dedicate more hours on anything other than on her education.

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