Name : Shila Karki

DOB : 4th August 2006

Date admitted: 2014

Address:Pokhara 6 Jarebar

Sex : Female

Grade: One

School: BUDS Academy

background :

Shila Karki, 4 years and Shristi Karki 6 years of old, are two sisters. Their father was not with them now. Their fatherís dead when Shristiís sister Shila was in their mother's womb. Their father got a terrible accident with a bus and dead during treatment process in the hospital. His father dead when Shristi was 4 years of old and Shila was in her motherís womb. Her mother got various problems like mentally depressed, physicllay weak and financially crisis in that time. I collected some money with my friends and relatives and gave her during the Shilaís birth time. Shristi was small girl and helping house hold work for their family. After two years her mother came to Rainbow Children Home for asking help and supporting for their two girls, both the girls not admitted to the school. And I promised them to send them to the school for education. So in the coming session both the girls will be going to the school. Their mother became ill now. She is a daily wage worker in the construction buildings.

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