Name : Sita Kumari Bogati

DOB : 18th April 2006

Date admitted: 2014

Address:Rupsa 4 Kalikot

Sex : Female

Grade: Nursery

School: BUDS Academy

background :

Sita Kumari Bogati is a sister of Kalpana and Tulasha Bogati. Sita was brought at RCH on 14th of August 2014 by their relatives. Kalpana and Tulasha have all together 7 sisters. Tulasha is second, Kalpana is fourth and the Sita are fifth sisters. The big and the third sisters are working in their relativeís home. Now, one of the twin sisters is with their family and one is with the relative. Tulasha and Kalpana are in RCH with us since June, 2010. Their relative requested us many times to get Sita at RCH. During the birth of twin daughters, their mother had heavy bleeding. She could give birth to the twin daughters but she could not save her life. In addition, their mother did not get nutritious food and treatment in time. Their father got married again and got son. Sita was in miserable condition that she could not get opportunity to study. She had to look after her step motherís son and her small sisters. So we got Sita in Rainbow Children Home Nepal. We found Sita, a very special girl you can ever see her with smile face. She is a kind of emerging girl. We hope she will study well and make difference in her community in the future. She is so much happy with her two sisters Tulasha and Kalpana at RCH. We will do admission of Sita very soon.

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