Name : Sudip Gautam

DOB : 15th December 1999

Date admitted: 2007

Sex : Male

Address: Gandaki, Kaski, Bhurjunkhola

Grade: 7

School: National Inventive Boarding School

background :

Sudip came to RCHN in 2007 A.D. His grandmother ,father and a little brother live in a village called Bhurjunkhola in a kaski district .

Sudip is one of the intelligent boys of RCHN . He is very smart and can speak English well. Calm at his attitude and sincere at the assigned to him, he is there always greeting you with a cute smile. During his time here at Rch he has skipped two grades and four years and yet maintained his academic performance. He is the incharge of the library and provides the stationary materials like pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. and story books to the children. He keeps the record of given and brought educational materials. He takes care of small children too. He teaches English to small kids during free mornings. He is physically fit boy. He likes to play table tennis and is one of the best dancers of RCH. He also looks after a little brother Dev Gurung . Sudip also dances very well. If he would get an opportunity to pursue higher education he would like to be a professor. We think his idea of teaching the kids during his free time is one of the most important factor for his development considering he wants to see himself as a professional teacher.

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