background :

Name : Sujata


Sex : Female

Sujata Pokharel brought to Rainbow Children Home by Motherís Group. Sujataís mother dead during heavy bleeding in the delivery time. She was able to give birth a baby girl and passed away because of bleeding continuously. This happened when Sujata was only 1 years old. Her father was an alcoholic and not coming home regularly. He was a daily wage worker, working in a construction. When he earned money, he spent only in alcohol. He did not look after his daughters. No one knows where he went and where is he now. The small two children (Sujata and her sister) were looking after from his old grand mother. Her grand mother used to sell vegetables in the local market. And also she used to asking money with the people for taking care of her grand daughters. Life was going on like this and 9 years passed. And one day the old grand mother dead. Sujata and her sister got a big problem. Sujata was 10 years old, when her grand mother dead. After passed away his grand mother, Sujata and her sisters searching job, they found domestic house servant in different house. Sujata was fired from the job because Motherís group forced them to send school. The house owner did not want to put her in job with giving school education, so fired her at the same time. So, the Motherís group brought Sujata here in Rainbow Children Home, but her sister still working in a hotel as a utensil washing. Now Sujata is in Rainbow Children home, she has more friends and happily enjoying the days. She is admitted in a school also she is very happy to get an opportunity to study.

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