Name : Suraj Devkota

DOB : 31st October 2005

Date admitted: 2014

Address:Mulchowk 1 Gorkha

Sex : Male

Grade: 5

School: Shree Tal Barahi Higher Secondary School

background :

Suraj Devkota joined Rainbow Children Home Nepal on 20th of April, 2014. His father brought him to RCH home from Kathmandu. Their home is in remote place in Gorkha. His fatherís one hand is not in working condition and he has also mental problem due to an accident. He was beaten seriously by Nepal Police because of blamed of Maoist member during Maoist conflict in Nepal. He was sent to the jail for few years also. Then after release from the jail, he went to Arabian county to earn money, he stay 2 years in the Arabian county and came back home. He married and settled in the village. He started animal farming and bought some goats 3 years back. When he was cutting the tree leafs for the goats, he fell down from the tree and got an accident. His one handís nervous system did not work and his head also had broken and had mental problems. He was stay long time in the hospital for the treatment of his hand and head injury. When he came back, his wife left him. His son became orphan because his father do not have income and cannot work because of his hand and mental problem. Then he went to government offices to request for supporting for his son. Finally he went to Social Welfare Council for requesting support for his son. And the Social Welfare council referred to Rainbow Children Home Nepal. And his father brought to RCH. Now Suraj living in RCH and going to school.

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