Name : Sushil Ranabhat

DOB : 15th June 2005

Date admitted: 2013

Address:Bhirkot 1 Tanahaun

Sex : Male

Grade: 2

School: BUDS Academy

background :

Sushil Ranabhat joined RCH in April, 2013. He came along with his grand mother. Women about 50 year old age came with a small child for asking job at RCH. She has no income resources for up-bringing and procreation to Sushil. Her son (Sushil’s father) is not a normal, he has mental disease and Sushil’s mother is busy with taking care of her abnormal husband. So, there is not study environment and financial sources for sending him to school. So his grand mother brought him to the city area. She tough that she will find a job and looking after her grand son. So she was searching for job and asking for job with many people and organization. Some people from the community suggested her to visit RCH for getting help and support. Then, his grand mother came to visit me with his grand son, and request for job. After hearing her grief story of her family, I decided to put Sushil and his grand mother at RCH. His grand mother will looking after the other children and looking after the vegetable garden. And we are sending Sushil to the school and now he is studying well.

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