Name : Tulasha Bogati

DOB : 31 October 2000

Sex : Female

background :

Tulasha was 11 years old when they both came to Rainbow Children Home Nepal in June 2010. She was from very far distance and remote area. Where Napali National language hardly spoken, only their local language is in use for their day to day life.
Tulasha and Kalpana both could not speak and understand Nepali language in their first few days, but after having more friends in Rainbow Children Home, they learnt to speak and now both the girls can speak and understand Nepali language. Tulasha and Kalpana’s mother’s death because of the more bleeding in the delivery. He could not get nutritious food during pregnancy and could not get care in the labour time also. After giving live twin girl children, she passed away. She had bleeding continuously and could not get treatment in time. Because of the remote area doctors were not available and before brining to hospital he dead.
She already had 5 girls children and gave more twin girl children because of waiting for the boy child. In Nepal boys are given more value according to the traditional cultural practices. It is saying in Nepali “Boys for ghee and whey for the girls” In many remote area boys children sent to school and girls were sent to look after the cattle.
Tulasha and Kalpana also not get opportunity to go to school for reading and writing because of large family size and lack of monetary problem. His father wanted a boy so he always nagged to her wife to deliver a baby boy. He does not know that because of him, they were getting baby girls. Likewise they had 7 girl children. After passed away their mother, the husband depressed and uses alcohol daily. He left to care his daughters, Their neighbours were taking care of their daughters. One of their neighbour informed us and requested to put some children in our Rainbow home, so we request them to sent two children, so Tulasha and Kalpan are now in Rainbow Children Home.
Twins were taking care by their neighbour, 2 children are working in the neighbouring houses as a domestic worker, and one the big one is looking after her depressed, alcoholic father.
Tulasha used to stay more at home before she came here, so when she first came here, she wanted to stay more time alone than with other. Gradually she has made friends. We have found difficulties trying to communicate with her, Bhumika has been a great help during this time making us understand what she speaks. In a month she has been changed. Now a days she has been able to learn Nepali slowly,not as much as her little sister Kalpana but the improvement is in process.

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