Trekking For kids

-By Enoch Lammichhane

Trekking for kids programme co-ordinator

Trekking for kids is a program of a lifetime opportunity for the kids to go to trekking in the mountains. Going trekking with the kids has always been something we had been looking for. With some of our members, volunteers and well wishers we were able to organize a four days trekking program. With 4 Rainbow Children Home members and 2 volunteers the children went for a close look to the majestic mountains of Nepal. There were 12 kids who were Kamal Khanal, Deepak, Sontosh, Buddhi, Kamal Pokhrel, Sudip, Ashis, Sanju, Asha, Bipana, Asmita and Sabina. Rest were not big enough for walking long distance so stayed at Rainbow. Mr. Enoch Lammichhane, the Supervisor was the main program director and Mr Gill one of the member of Rainbow Children Home- Nepal family was the organizer of this program.

Trek to Ghandruk and hotsprings

On the first day After breakfast we got a jeep hired from the home to Swaulibazar from where we had our lunch and started our walk. After walking for 4 hours we reached Kimche where we stayed for the night. This day we had 3 donkeys and the small children got the chance to ride on the donkey during the day. The kids were so happy to see the great rivers flowing all around and the Mount Machhapuchhere getting closer and closer.At evening we had a campfire with the kids singing and dancing.

The next day we set off the same time after lunch. The children were excited, adventurous and full of energy ,we were surprised to see them walk the sloppy path upwards all the way to Ghandruk where we had our lunch and spent an hour looking the spectacular view of the majestic mountains. Next we set off to Himalpani 3 hours from Ghandruk. We had two donkeys too as the way was hard and two porters as well all the way from Kimche. The journey to Himalpani was long and exciting. Since the kids were a bit tired, they went to sleep early that night.

The next day we went to Ghinu. At the bottom of the hill Ghinu has a hotspring. We decided to return to stay at Himalpani that day too after taking a bath at the hotspring so we went at morning after breakfast. Asmita couldn't go to the hotspring as she was a bit sick. She rested the whole day. After 2 hours we were at the top of Ghinu and at the bottom of the otherside was the hotspring. We went down the hill and reached the hotspring. This was the first time the children had ever been to a hotspring. Some of the kids also asked who was the person that was boiling the water and pouring it in the river. They bathed,swam and had great fun. After half an hour we went back to the top of Ghinu.We had noodle soup at a local shop and our home made lunch.We restarted our walk and reached Himalpani in the evening. The children had local DHINDO (a locally made traditional food that is not chewed but swallowed).We had a big campfire that evening and a very good sleep.

The next day we had a long walk to Swalibazar. It took us about 5 hours to reach it. From there we went back to Rainbow Children Home by jeep. The kids had a lot of fun, got to see lots of beautiful things and most importantly learned a lot from this trip.

We are thankful to Mr Lohan,a visitor and a volunteer for his company. We would also like to thank Mr Jonny a regular volunteer and a member of Rainbow Children Home - Nepal family

Would you like to take part in a trekking with the kids?

Rainbow Children Home would like to organize and take part in such trekking programs and 1 day trips during holidays for the kids. If you want to be a part of it please send your inquires to

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