Volunteer in Rainbow Children Home in Pokhara, Nepal

Rainbow Orphanage is always looking for volunteers

We are a family style run orphanage with a strong commitment to ensuring a bright and positive future for our children. We believe that opening our doors to volunteers will expose the children to positive adult role models, language, culture, and love.

“If we wish to create a lasting peace we must begin with the children”.
–Mahatma Gandhi

Why volunteer in Rainbow Children Home in Nepal?

There are many reasons why people of all ages and countries decide to volunteer. They feel like doing something good for others. They want to share their time, skills, hobbies and experience. Sometimes volunteering is a way to spend a holiday, having a break from school, university or from permanent job. What ever the reason, all are important! Volunteering opens doors to enhanced cultural understanding, friendships, education, and fun.

Volunteering is not only the chance to help others; it is an opportunity to change your live and gain a new perspective. You will go home rich with new experience, skills and friendships. At Rainbow Children Home you will experience the daily life of the children and staff in the Home and we welcome you to:

  • Play with the children (games, dancing, singing, trips)
  • Help the children with their homework
  • Teach English
  • Help with the daily work
  • Do anything connected to your skills and experience

Volunteer opportunities in Rainbow Children Home Nepal

If you are ready to come to volunteer in Nepal you are warmly welcome in the beautiful lakeside city of Pokhara, at the Rainbow Children Home!

Currently we have no specific time boundaries and are open to accepting volunteers for any length of time. We also welcome visitors to come to Rainbow Children Home to visit and play with the children at anytime. Our doors and hearts are open to you!

The most important is to ask yourself why you want to volunteer, how much time you have, what skills and experience you would like to share and what are your expectations and hopes.

To enjoy your volunteer experience we ask you to:

  • Be sensitive to local cultural values and differences
  • Be able to work both independently and with a team
  • Be flexible
  • Have a sense of humor

Financial support while volunteering at Rainbow Children Home

Rainbow Children Home does not receive any financial support from the government and is run on individual donations and program fees. Therefore we ask our volunteers for a fee to help support expenses such as food, rent, educational materials, clothing, and medical expenses. As a volunteer you will be responsible for all travel costs including flights, in country travel, extra food and spendings.

When to apply?

NOW! Take a step towards making a change in the lives of children and yourself! We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Send your E-mail to orphancarenepal@gmail.com
Or download the Volunteer Form and send it to the above mentioned E-mail address

Volunteer story

“We had such a heartwarming experience during our time at Rainbow Children Home. The staff and children were so friendly and made us feel part of their happy family. We helped the children with their daily routines, learning English and had fun singing and playing games. It has been an experience we will never forget and we only wish we could have stayed longer.”
Marie – UK (marie.147@hotmail.co.uk)
Rachel Vallance – UK (rachvallance73@hotmail.com)

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